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Important and must experience activities of desert safari Dubai

Important and must experience activities of desert safari Dubai

Tanoura dance:

Want to see the most soothing dance in desert safari? Book your deal for night camping at desert safari Dubai and get an experience of it. Tanoura dance is a kind of dance in which people dressed in long long frocks move in circles round and round. The Arabic music played in the background is the music that will soothe you and will give peace to you.

Quad biking:

Quad biking is done on a quad bike which is a four-wheeled ride. You get to ride this bike at a very high-speed is there is no risk of an accident because in a place like desert there are very fewer people there. You will be guided on how to ride this bike and then you can easily go for quad biking in desert safari Dubai.

Fire show:

This is the most entertaining activity here at desert safari Dubai. At first, you will fear to see this show but after that, you will just stay amazed after seeing how the fire show experts are throwing the fire strings in the air at maximum speed. This activity is a part of night camping. Trust me you will love the set-up and vibes when you will be sitting on the Arabian carpets in the middle of the desert safari and will able to see people playing with fire strings.

Camel riding:

You will ride on the humblest of creatures that are camels in desert safari Dubai. You will just fall for the moment when you will be exploring desert safari while sitting on the back of the camel. In this ride, you get to explore the desert at a very slow speed as the camel walks very slowly.

Henna art:

This art is the most beautiful art that you can do in your hands. We have professionals of henna art present here at desert safari Dubai. Your hands will look very beautiful after the henna art is done on your hands. The best thing about henna art is that this is a painless procedure and you don’t have to tolerate pain for like you have to do while making tattoos.

Dune bashing:

This is a kind of activity that is made for sand dunes only. In this activity, you can ride a land cruiser at a speed of your choice. You will love to speed your car in the sand dunes of desert safari Dubai. It is a must thing t experience at desert safari Dubai.

Barbecue Dinner:

Want to eat a barbecue dinner having the best taste? Come to desert safari at nighttime and have the best barbecue dinner. I am sure you will love each and every bite of your barbecue food. We have the best chefs who prepare this food for people on a daily basis.

For further booking and details go to https://www.desertsafariuae.ae/ and explore the most famous desert of Dubai that is desert safari Dubai.  Don’t miss an amazing chance like this.

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