10 Best Experiences in Bangkok

Bangkok doesn’t fail to live up to one’s expectations as far as one thinks about the capital of Thailand. Its allure is magnetic and draws tourists from all corners of the world. This automatically makes Bangkok packages highly sought after on travel sites on the web. From temples and ancient sites to modern districts and shopping malls, there is no dearth to the number of things that one can explore in Bangkok.

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This crowded, exciting, noisy, colourful, infuriating, and smile-inducing locale is sure to leave its mark on you for years down the line. Given the number of attractions and experiences to be enjoyed here, it becomes important to shortlist your options so that you can make the most of your time while on your Bangkok tour packages. So, to help you out here is a list of the 10 best experiences in Bangkok:

  1. Visit Wat Pho to see Reclining Buddha
  2. Visit the Grand Palace
  3. Take a trip to the Chatuchak Market
  4. Shop at Siam Paragon
  5. Have a Thai massage
  6. Eat out at Chinatown
  7. Watch kickboxing
  8. Celebrate during Songkran
  9. Visit Wat Arun
  10. See the Bangkok puppet show

1. Visit Wat Pho to see Reclining Buddha:

A visit to Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to Wat Pho. After all, it is home to the Reclining Buddha which stands at a height of 15 metres tall and is over 46 metres long. The feet alone are measured at over a surprising 5 metres. The whole statue is covered in gold leaf and makes for an incredible sight when viewed up close. Don’t forget to pick up some coins for the 108 bowls that are placed here. The idea behind these bowls is that they are inspired by the 108 positive deeds Buddha completed to become perfect. We also recommend that you settle in to relax and receive a traditional Thai Massage on your visit here. A visit to the magical Wat Pho is definitely among the best experiences in Bangkok.

2. Visit the Grand Palace:

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The Grand Palace is among the most famous attractions in all of Bangkok. So much so that, in fact, we recommend that you don’t move to any other city until you have ticked this one off your to-visit list. The palace served as the residence of the royalty and also the headquarters of the Thai government back in the day. We suggest that you take out some time for this one as the palace is spread over an area of 214000 square metres.

3. Take a trip to the Chatuchak Market:

Shopaholics should not sleep out on the Chatuchak market. After all, it is one of the largest markets in the entire world! Open on weekends, it attracts over 2,00,000 visitors on a daily basis. One can find everything that they could possibly need in the 8000 stalls that make up this market. We suggest you pick up a map as it is pretty easy to get lost out here.

4. Shop at Siam Paragon:

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Moving from budget shopping to high-end shopping, the Siam Paragon is home to shops from high-end fashion designers. It is also the venue for Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium, a large multiplex, and enough restaurants that will spoil you for choices. One can find over 250 shops in the mall. This mall also houses showrooms of top-end car brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. So, if your pockets are deep enough, you just might end up finding your next ride at this mall. A day out at the Siam Paragon is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in Bangkok.

5. Have a Thai massage:

Thai massages are famous all over the world. However, we assure you that no other outlet anywhere in the world gives you a massage as the people from the land it has originated from. So, settle down and relax while the Thai massage gives you a new lease of life. A little research on a good outlet near your hotel will surely leave you both invigorated as well as balanced.

6. Eat out at Chinatown:

Every major city around the world has its own Chinatown. Bangkok is no different. Walk past the ceremonial Chinese gates and you will be bombarded with aromas and vibrant sights. The area is packed full of street stalls and restaurants and as a result, you won’t have any shortage of options to choose from. The prices are affordable too so you can eat your heart out without causing a dent in your travel budget. A fun day out in Chinatown is sure to buoy your spirits and henceforth makes for one of the best experiences in Bangkok.

7. Watch kickboxing:

Tourists will find that the entire country of Thailand is full of kickboxing stadiums. The best fights, however, take place right here in Bangkok. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and unsurprisingly, it is talked about pretty much everywhere. Take part in some of this action and witness the atmosphere reach fever pitch. If you want to up the ante, then put your money on the line through one of the attendees. One can usually find them walking around the rings.

8. Celebrate during Songkran:

The Songkran festival is celebrated every year from the 13th to the 15th of April. This festival is essentially a celebration of the Thai New year. The celebrations of this festival run rampant far and wide, which means that no one is safe from getting wet! This is good news as the water fights make for a fun event to take part in. There is no better place to experience this phenomenon as the whole city turns into one big party.

9. Visit Wat Arun:

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Among the 31,000 Buddhist temples spread across the country. Wat Arun is one that you definitely would want to see. The temple’s name is derived from Aruna or the god of dawn. It is situated on the Chao Phraya River, it is beautiful and stands tall at a height of 79 metres. The tower is covered in ceramic tiles and coloured porcelain. This makes for an incredible sight when caught in the right light. Don’t forget to check out the mythical giants which are said to keep guard over the temple grounds.

10. See the Bangkok puppet show:

Puppet shows make for a must-see activity for tourists in Bangkok. As in most puppet shows, the puppeteers are not hidden from view. Instead, these artists are a part of the show themselves. The shows enact classic folk tales aided by a live orchestra. All in all, the atmosphere is surreal. This is not only due to the performance on the stage but also due to the intricacy of the set design and the craftsmanship to be seen.

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