5 Steps to Change Car Oil Without Having to Auto Repair

5 Steps to Change Car Oil Without Having Auto Repair. Engine lubricating oil or called engine oil is a component that serves to lubricate each of the parts that are in the engine that intersect. Besides oil also serves to cool the engine, remove impurities on the engine and to prevent rust on every component in the engine made of metal.

Every 5,000 kilometers, every car owner will definitely perform the obligatory ritual, which is to change the car oil. The process of changing car oil is actually not too complicated and can be done at home. However, due to a lack of knowledge, many of us send this to auto repair.

If you understand how to change the oil yourself, then you don’t need to pay extra. Just buy oil and use an evacuator fluid and replace yourself at home.

5 Steps to Change Car Oil Without Having Auto Repair

1. Prepare the equipment.

First, prepare combat equipment. Before changing oil, prepare the equipment first. First, you will need an evacuator fluid to accommodate used oil.

Does the compressor need to be sprayed first so that the oil drying process is fast? With this tool, you also don’t need to do anything. If it is sprayed but the compressor contains water, it can actually be dangerous.

2. Try the appropriate engine temperature.

Don’t forget to monitor the temperature first. Ideal engine temperature when changing warm oil, aka not cold and not hot. If the engine is warm or has just been heated, dirt will be mixed with oil and will also be wasted. In addition, the oil easily flows when the lid is opened.

3. Open the cover and oil change knob.

After opening the hood, open the doorknob. Why is that? Because of this method, the oil drying process can run quickly and smoothly.

4. Install fluid evacuators according to usage instructions.

Many kinds of fluid evacuators that are widely used today are manual and pneumatic. You can change the oil yourself without having to open the oil cap under the engine so that the oil cap under the engine does not break easily because it is often opened and closed.

The following fluid evacuators reviews are very practical to use, there will be no oil splashes or spills that make your hands and clothes dirty.

  • Quickly detect whether there is oil leakage in the engine because this tool is equipped with a measure of the amount of oil when removed.
  • It can be used on many vehicles because it is equipped with various types of hoses.
  • The engine room is not easy to rust/corrosion, because the way to remove used oil is sucked, open sprayed with a compressor
  • Available in various sizes and types.
  • Available in 1 unit this tool is equipped with 4 types of hoses from large to small size adjusted to the pouring hole of engine oil.

5. Pour in new oil

After that, pour the new oil. Not too much, and not too little. Appropriate dosage only.

When the oil drain bolts are tightly mounted, then it’s time to pour the new oil in the hole located on the top of the engine.

Also, pay attention to the maximum oil limit of your car, don’t leave it too low or too much. After that, close the oil change knob, close the hood, and start the engine for the first three minutes, before going for a walk.

How easy? If you have a car, you can’t just use it. If you can treat it with your own hands, it will definitely be more practical and economical. Well, after this you can start practicing changing your own car oil at home with a fluid evacuator. To get more information and buy it online, click the link on this blog.