Bring Back the Perfect Gift from Australia

Australia is a good choice for holiday. It has friendly people and incredible attractions like Tasmania Forest, Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House. There are so many things to see and to do. After having so much fun, it feels not right if we do not bring back souvenirs for those closest to us. There are many Australia gift shop but it is a bit hard to find the perfect gifts.

After several Australia gift shops, finally we find several perfect gifts, such as:

  1. Australian-made tea towel

If the person that you want to give, like to drink tea? Australian made tea towel is the perfect gift. We recommend Galbraith Sydney Tea Towel which is decorated with magnificent ornaments of the city of Sydney. Besides that, it is made by Australian local craftsman from 100% pure line. It is top quality tea towel.

  1. Natural skincare of Australia

Why not give natural skincare from Australia? You can choose Creamy face ultra-hydrating Lanocreme Face mask as a gift. The face mask is enriched with lanolin, collagen, green tea, aloe Vera and advanced placental protein which can help make skin smooth and healthy glowing.

  1. Propolis chewy gum

Do you know propolis? It is a chewy gum that has combination of honey and lemon. But it is not a common chewy gum because it is antibacterial chewy gum. Besides that, it helps to refresh dry throat and aches due to dehydration and other symptoms.

  1. Beach patrol kids’ T-shirt

Children’s tees are soft and durable and are smooth and comfortable to wear in both cold and hot weather. Able to absorb sweat and stay dry in the body. The design is just right unisex iconic Australian beach patrol with a wide, blue ocean. There is a choice of colors but still decorated by a beautiful Australian flag on each piece.

  1. Australian Hand Cream

Australian hand cream has very unique smell. You will never find it in hand cream for other countries because it is created from extract from native Australian flowers. Some of native Australian flowers are Desert Flame, Kangaroo Paw, Aussie Box, etc.

We hope our list can help you when you need to find perfect gift from Australia. Please make sure you find a renowned Australia gift shop that can guarantee quality of its products.