Cherish This Diwali Holiday At Goa with Its Special Celebration

As a holiday spot, Goa is heavenly, needless to mention that. But on Diwali, it is special with the festival of light in demolishing devil. Though whole India gets decorated with joy and light of Diwali. But there is a big story trail which assembles individuals from all religions for celebrating Diwali in Goa as a mega festival all round 5 days with back to back ritual performances and merrymaking.

How Goa welcomes you

The charm and magic of Goa beach are bewitching. With lights, crackers, and adornments it becomes even more gorgeous during Diwali days. It is the beginning of season time for Goa tourism from India and across the world as well. All hotels, roads and public places are embellished and illuminated. Though Diwali is a festival of light and predominantly Devi Mahalaxmi and Lord Ganesha is worshipped with the prayer of health, wealth and vitality. But Diwali in Goa is special and begins by worshipping Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna for showering his perpetual blessings in conquering Narkasur and relieving civilians from torture. Want to know the story…read on

Synopsis of the Myth

Hundreds of years back Narkasur was king of Goa. He had supernatural power. He missed it and tortured civilians for a long time. He took away home, land, property from all. He tortured young ladies. Young men were imprisoned. All civilians worshipped Lord Vishnu to protect them from this demon. He had heavenly sanctification that apart from his mother no one else can kill him and she was already dead. Rukmini, the wife of Lord Krishna was the reincarnation of Narkasur’s mother. So, Lord Krishna conspired an on-field battle with Narkasur where he himself got severely injured. Seeing wounds and pain of husband, Devi Rukmini took over her responsibility in demolishing the devil. Thus, all civilians of Goa got back happiness in their life and country.

5 Days celebrations

The best part of Diwali in Goa is the road parade on Naraka Chaturdashi. 20-25 feet high figures of Narkasur is constructed with wastepaper and crackers. Then it is lit on fire after parading throughout Goa roads. A lot of crackers are burned, and people celebrate the demolition of bad, inauspicious and negative energy in us and society.

All wear new dresses clean their home and adds new décor to home and office. They distribute sweets and chocolates. Friends, relatives, and neighbors come together in celebrating this special 5 days.

The first day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu puja. The second day is for Naraka Chaturdashi.

Also, Diwali is a festival of Goddess Laxmi. So, rituals and puja are performed on the third day of Diwali. As this also beginning of a year for some folks so Lord Ganesha is worshipped for getting a blissful year ahead. Home-made sweets and other delicious dishes are offered to Mata Laxmi in wish of wealth and power. India is a country of art and culture and during Diwali, it is presented through Rangoli. Various colors are used to make designs in the home by women and men.

The fourth day is specific with food like pyramids which signifies the victory of Govardhan or Lord Krishna. The 5th day is merrymaking with songs, dance, and lantern bequeathing with wishes adorned on the river. This is specially done by women folk for well-wishing of family.