Is it a good idea to travel to unpopular foreign destinations?

There are many reasons why we travel. In some cases, the place we are to travel to is chosen for us by others, especially when it is a business-related trip or when you are going with your family and you allow your spouse or kids to choose the travel destination. In other cases, you would be the one to choose the travel destination if you are travelling alone or if you were allowed to decide as to the head of the family or the sponsor. There are also cases where family members are allowed to make suggestions and either through randomly picking a country or casting votes, the location is selected. This in itself is often a fun activity as long as there is nobody that would feel offended at the end of the day that their choice was not the final destination being visited.

One of the options you can opt for when you want to travel is unpopular foreign destinations. When people plan to travel, it is common to hear people making plans to visit Rome, Paris, Madrid, New York City and other popular cities around the world. You might have visited all of these places or some of these places and you want something for a change. It is worthy of note that there are many unpopular foreign destinations that are great and could give you as much things to do and places to see like other popular options. They might just be lacking in popularity due to poor marketing and few people knowing about their existence.

A common feature in most popular cities that people travel to is that they have luxury hotels and other classes of hotels, tourist locations and they are mostly crowded with tourist. You might want a different experience after experiencing a few or a lot of travelling to foreign popular locations. Hence, it is not a bad idea to travel to an unpopular foreign country. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from travelling to unpopular foreign locations.

unpopular foreign destinations

A different experience

One of the things you would enjoy when you visit a foreign unpopular destination is that you will get a different experience. As opposed to popular tourist destinations where there will be many people visiting various tourist sites, unpopular foreign destinations will have much fewer people that will mostly be locals. This might be more comfortable for introverts who do not want to meet too many people. Hence, you will be able to avoid a lot of queues and seeing a lot of people from other places as opposed to the locals of the area you are visiting. You might also not have to drive around in cars and trains as the mode of transportation in those unpopular areas could be tricycles, bicycles, bikes or walking to areas of interest. Hence, travelling to an unpopular foreign destination could provide you with different experiences in different ways. However, it is important to be cautious when you are travelling to an unpopular foreign destination so that you do not visit a dangerous unpopular foreign destination or even if the unpopular foreign destination is safe, there might be specific activities and places you should avoid. You can read safety advices while travelling to have a general idea about dos and don’ts when you travel to foreign destinations.


If you want to travel on a lean budget, you might want to consider visiting an unpopular tourist destination. Most popular tourist destinations are promoted as such and make a significant percentage of their revenue from tourism. Hence, the activities and tourist attractions in those locations are all geared towards making money for the city and the country. As a result, you will have to spend money when you travel to those popular destinations to enjoy your trip. However, for unpopular tourist destinations, the location will have fewer foreigners. Furthermore, most of the activities and destinations will not be designed to make as much money as possible from tourists. Hence, you would be able to enjoy most of the activities and visit a lot of places without having to spend much.

Local hospitality

Another benefit you will enjoy from visiting an unpopular foreign destination is local hospitality. While most popular foreign cities people travel to are hospitable, it is mostly at a general level. They try to make the area peaceful and serene enough to attract tourists. However, the hospitality you will be enjoying will be mostly paid for. You could get a beautiful and hospitable hotel, nice places you can visit and activities you can engage in for the right price. You might not get to meet a local during your trip except you deliberately travel to local areas in the destination. However, when you travel to an unpopular foreign destination, there will be few foreigners. You will get to meet more of the locals in the area and you will be able to enjoy their hospitality. As opposed to popular foreign destinations where you might need to pay high to eat local meals, you could get local meals at unpopular foreign destinations at a very cheap price or even for free. The same applies to accommodation as well as access to other activities and destinations.

Information you would hardly find elsewhere

Travelling to an unpopular foreign destination will also provide you with information about that destination that you would hardly find anywhere else. It is easy to come across a lot of pictures and articles from popular foreign destinations even when you are not looking for it. However, for the unpopular locations, even when looking for information, you might hardly find any since not many people who would have been interested in writing about the destination or posting pictures have visited the place. Furthermore, the locals might also not have much Internet presence. Hence, visiting the unpopular foreign destination will provide you with the opportunity of seeing a part of the world not too many people have seen or heard of.