Reasons to Visit Israel

Israel is a Great Destination of Travel

It is this unique combination that makes Israel a great destination for incentive travel. With all of this variety packed into about 8,500 square miles of land, groups can maximize enjoyment with limited travel time and minimal movement between hotel accommodations. Groups touring around Jerusalem will relish every day soaking up the initial aura of Israel’s spiritual and political capital, home to the sites most holy for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Less than an hour’s drive away, those touring Tel Aviv use insightful cultural opportunities at their fingertips, including beautiful beaches, designer shopping, exceptional architecture, many different chef restaurants, art, music plus much more. Incredible day trips from either city will need your group for a float inside the unforgettable salty waters with the Dead Sea or Sea of ​​Galilee at northern Israel. Or, on an entirely different vantage point, groups touring Israel can drive northward to marvel at stunning, green mountains within a jeep tour in the Golan Heights have luxury zimmer In northern Israel which have spa center and heated pool, in order to taste the savory flavors of food and wine made at local Israeli wineries. And, all of this can be achieved without packing to go out of contentment and capability of one particular, luxurious, and centrally-located hotel.

Tel Aviv is also where you can the most important (and only) Pride March in the Middle East- 50,000 people participate each and every year. The city may be worth coming to for assorted other reasons: countless galleries, museum, and parties. It is also a world heritage site to international architecture, and it’s also the place that the State of Israel was declared. Culinary enthusiasts likely will be impressed by the fine restaurants, and even more importantly, the evening everyday life is original. It is not for pointless that Tel Aviv is chosen time upon a time as one with the hottest destinations on the planet.

Religion Destination Place

And of course, the jewel in the crown of the trip to Israel is Jerusalem. Lying inside the Judean hills inside them for hours a religion heritage rivaled by not one other city on Earth, Jerusalem carries a cultural atmosphere like nowhere else in Israel. This is the place where King Solomon ruled, where Muhammad ascended to heaven, and where Jesus was crucified. The Old City of Jerusalem is in East Jerusalem and has a Palestinian majority, in order to feel the Palestinian way of life while also seeing the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian holy sites inside its walls. The city of Bethlehem lies just to the south of Jerusalem, but in the Palestinian autonomous area. Many tourists visit Bethlehem and it is usually safe. But look into the news before traveling there, because occasionally you will find problems between Israeli troops and Palestinians inside the area. The Church of the Nativity marks the spot where tradition says that Jesus was born.