Select the best holiday program for your child

School holidays are a needed and well-deserved break for kids to relax, unwind and do something recreative. It’s an important time for family bonding and provides beautiful travel opportunities, whether you’re taking day trips or visiting other countries. Reviews Bird offers plenty of tour operator opinions and reviews, to help you make the best decision to suit your family’s needs. However, for parents who need to get back to work sooner than their kids go back to school, it can be challenging to keep the little ones entertained while contributing to their development during the weeks that they are not in school.

Why is it important to keep your kids active and engaged during school holidays?

Although children need the space to unwind and let go of responsibilities that come with going to school, such as homework, sports training and social challenges, it is equally important to keep their development and curiosity sparked during the holidays. Fortunately, there are many ways for kids to stay happy and active during these times that don’t send parents on a guilt trip.

Besides the benefit of meeting other children and learning new things, participating in a school holiday program will ultimately help them develop skills. Being exposed to new environments sparks a child’s creativity helps boost their confidence which can help reduce social anxiety. In addition, learning about new hobbies or interests in a safe environment while building long-lasting friendships will develop both leadership and teambuilding skills. Having said that, whether you send your children to day summer camps or a sports program, your child needs a good balance of rest, having fun, and remaining stimulated during the holiday weeks.

How to select the best program for your child

Finding a program that suits your child’s needs and interests is essential to them enjoying the holidays and wanting to go back the following year, or maybe even the next holiday. Most parents have a good idea of what their children need, their hobbies, and how they like to spend their free time. However, if you are fresh out of inspiration, you could sit down with your child and figure it out together. You could ask them questions like:

  • How do they love to spend their time?
  • What skill or interest would they want to explore?
  • Or what do they struggle with and need some help with?

By doing so, you can decide on the best option for your child together and keep everyone happy for the holidays.

Where to find these programs?

There is a wide variety of holiday programs provided by local and national institutions. Some schools even offer programs for their students during the holiday months. However, a few holiday program providers are listed below if you still need inspiration:

Taking time to understand what your child enjoys combined with some research should make the process of deciding on a program simple. As much as you might miss them, how comforting is the thought that they look forward to spending time with peers and ultimately build up the independence to take on activities and adventures like such? In addition, you will most probably enjoy the free time yourself and all the stories when they get back home.