Spending Holiday with the Private Jet

Do you have a dream to go for the holiday while riding a private jet? Well, you can make your dream come true. You can rent a private jet in the charter company. There will be some packages related to the price and destination. If you live in Dallas, you can contact the Icarus Jet. This charter company has a base operation in Dallas. This company provides some packages to some destinations. You may choose based on your will and book the private jet.

The destination of the private jet route

Icarus Jet as one of the best Jet Charter Dallas provides some tour package. There are some popular routes that can be chosen such as Dallas to Houston, Dallas to Aspen, Dallas to Las Vegas, Van Nuys to Teterboro, Dubai to London, London to Paris, Cairo to Jeddah, and Rio De Janeiro to Miami. This company also provides several types of a private jet that can be chosen within three hours of call out. The types of machines are Light Jets, Mid-size Jets, and Super Midsize Jets. You can choose the type of private jet based on the people in your group.

Choosing the best private jet

In order to make sure that you are enjoying your flight, you may need to choose the best private jet charter. In this case, choosing the Icarus Jet is a good idea. The Icarus Jet offers safety priority in their service. Only the safe aircraft that will be used in their flight. In addition, only professional aircrews will serve the passenger. The Icarus Jet also provides some promotions to their member. You can register as a member of this charter company. Then, you will be given a card that can be used in any base operation of Icarus Jet. You can also save the flight cost by about 10% annually. It’s such a great chance to enjoy your holiday.