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Reasons to Visit Israel

Reasons to Visit Israel

Israel is a Great Destination of Travel

It is this unique combination that makes Israel a great destination for incentive travel. With all of this variety packed into about 8,500 square miles of land, groups can maximize enjoyment with limited travel time and minimal movement between hotel accommodations. Groups touring around Jerusalem will relish every day soaking up the initial aura of Israel’s spiritual and political capital, home to the sites most holy for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Less than an hour’s drive away, those touring Tel Aviv use insightful cultural opportunities at their fingertips, including beautiful beaches, designer shopping, exceptional architecture, many different chef restaurants, art, music plus much more. Incredible day trips from either city will need your group for a float inside the unforgettable salty waters with the Dead Sea or Sea of ​​Galilee at northern Israel. Or, on an entirely different vantage point, groups touring Israel …

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