San Francisco Travel Deals and Other Tips to Save You Money

San Francisco is one of the most breathtaking cities in California that accommodates an average population of approximately 809,000. Of late, it is now an increasingly popular holiday destination for vacationers across the world. Tourists come here to take pleasure from its exquisite appeal of the steep rolling hills, Victorian architecture, China Town and also the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

That day I watched two big grey whales and three humpback whales journeying from the Pacific Ocean. Seeing a whale close up rolling around in its habitat, does indeed take your breath away. I joined the thousands of people world-wide who want to protect these magnificent creatures from Japanese whaling boats and someone else who’d desire to harm them.

San Francisco city pass

If you have an e ticket, you should exchange it for the first Attraction Pass for San Francisco you visit. Those creating a booklet already do not …