Cefalù: The First Place You Think About When You Want to Visit Sicily

When you are thinking of taking a holiday in Sicily, it’s easy to imagine yourself in one of those villas in Cefalù in Sicily. Cefalù is an extraordinary place that is one of the oldest wonders of Trinacria. The city is supposed to have been founded by the Greeks a thousand years before the birth of Christ. It takes its name from the Greek “Kefaloidion,” which means “head”.

Cefalù is a Little Town Full of Tourist Attractions

Cefalù is a seaside town full of tourist attractions, typical of cultural heritage and landscape acknowledged at European and international level. From the artistic point of view, Cefalù was recently recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Not to be missed is the Cathedral of Cefalù which is surrounded by majestic and beautiful palm trees. Another must-see stop in Cefalù is the impressive Temple of Diana, which is located within the