To rent a sportscar in Germany – 4 useful Tips

Real car enthusiasts like to enjoy their car as often as possible. Going on a vacation doesn´t make an excuse for that. Visiting Germany offers a lot of opportunities for a great vacation. Many historical buildings & cities, a quite unique culture & food and of course – the beer. And if you´re a sportscar fan there are some things for you too. Germany is also known for it´s premium car manufacturers, especially Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and Audi. So if you are visiting Germany and want to explore it´s car culture, here are 4 Tips for you to make the most out of it.

1. Look for a professional company

Before starting with any sportscar and where to drive them, you need to choose a company. A professional sportscar rental company should provide you the following services: Delivery & pickup to your preferred location, a flexible & quick service and fair prices. Sadly, in the sportscar industry there are some black sheep like everywhere else. So better look twice if prices seem too good, often times you will get in trouble afterwards with your deposit. All of a sudden there are some scratches on the car that are „definitely caused by you“. If a company won´t offer you to deliver the car to your location it may also be a scam. But don´t worry too much, most companies work very professional and you can rely on their services. Just don´t be naive.

2. German sportscars

Now let´s get to the fun part. As mentioned before, Germany´s premium car brands built one of the best sportscars in the world. If you are not used to them or did not drive any German sportscar at all, you better do it now! Starting with one of the most iconic car of all time: The Porsche 911. Since 1964 the 911 series was a huge success. It´s definitely one of the most precise and comfortable sportscars out there. But there are some powerful competitors Motion Drive Sports Car Rental Company. Mentioning the Audi R8 as a real supercar. The latest V10plus version comes along with a natural aspirated 5.2l V10, producing 610 HP. Zero to 100 km/h in just under 3 seconds! All combined with ceramic brakes and all wheel drive making it on of the best supercars out there.

Mercedes Benz also offers some interesting sportscars. Even if Mercedes is especially known for luxurious & comfortable sedans, they know very well what it takes to build a perfect sportscar. All models from the AMG series combine performance and comfort & safety like no other. There is a pretty big variety of German sportscars. To find out which one fits best for you, you´ll have to drive them!

3. Unrestricted roads – the German Autobahn

Luckily Germany still has unrestricted roads. The famous „Autobahn“, which is basically the Germa`n highway, has many parts without speed limitations. So if you ever wanted to go really fast, Germany is your place to be. Driving with more than 300 km/h really gives you an adrenaline rush and a big smile on your face. Driving without speed limitations is a unique thing that you should definitely consider while you´re visiting Germany.

4. Trackdays

In Germany there are also many famous racetracks. Especially the Nürburgring is globally known for it´s challenging track. If you are into racing don´t miss out the opportunity to visit some of the hardest racetracks in the world. Many of them also offer special trainings and allow you to drive on your own around the track. You can either do that with your own car or with DRIVAR Supercar Rental Platform in Germany. It´s important to note that you´re not allowed with every rental car to drive around a racetrack, so better ask in advance.