The Top 5 Things to See, Do and Explore in Cebu, Philippines

Dubbed the Queen City of the South, Cebu is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines, famous for its unspoiled beaches, dolphin and whale-watching spots, and bustling metropolis. Cebu has everything a traveler seeks in an action-packed Asian vacation – scrumptious traditional cuisine, glorious architecture, cosmopolitan attractions, and cultural heritage.

Cebu was ranked amongst the Best Islands in the World by Conde Nast Traveler, a prominent voice in the global travel circuit. But this beach-ringed coastal paradise is much more than just a treasure trove of pristine beaches and secluded stretches of white sands and turquoise waters. Cebu is one of the best Southeast Asian cities to explore Christian heritage and Taoist architecture.

Read to explore the top 5 things to see, do and explore in Cebu.

1. Beach-Bumming at Bantayan Island

Most tourists flock to revel in the glitzy nightlife and upscale luxury of the famous Boracay …

Select the best holiday program for your child

School holidays are a needed and well-deserved break for kids to relax, unwind and do something recreative. It’s an important time for family bonding and provides beautiful travel opportunities, whether you’re taking day trips or visiting other countries. Reviews Bird offers plenty of tour operator opinions and reviews, to help you make the best decision to suit your family’s needs. However, for parents who need to get back to work sooner than their kids go back to school, it can be challenging to keep the little ones entertained while contributing to their development during the weeks that they are not in school.

Why is it important to keep your kids active and engaged during school holidays?

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7 Best Resorts to Visit in The Us

After long months of work and stress, it’s not an uncommon plan to take a vacation to places of luxury and relaxation around the world. So if it ever crosses your mind to take a trip to or around the United States, first check Collected.Reviews and you’ll find useful information about some of the best resorts you can visit even with all-included packages experiences.

1. The Disney Grand Floridian Hotel:

Themed with a Victorian seaside resort and located at the Walt Disney World resort, in Florida, it is a hotel and luxury spa owned and managed by the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. With 867 rooms shared among six buildings, it holds some of the most luxurious features anyone can think of. Some are, the Ivy Trellis Salon for hair and beauty, the courtyard that can be easily found between guest rooms has a zero-entry access pool, a jacuzzi …

Traveling To Germany

Germany is a famous country which many people would like to visit. It is located in Europe and is composed of 16 states. With a fascinating, rich history narrated by old-fashioned and colorful architectures, castles, palaces, cathedrals and monuments, mountains, landscapes, and delicious foods and drinks, it is one of the top destinations for travelers. People who have traveled to this country know that it is not only an economically and politically powerful country, but it is also rich in culture with a population that has extraordinary respect for tradition, history, and humanity. Germany has much to offer visitors. If you want to book a vacation to Germany, you can book one at booking berlin. Most people wishing to visit Germany, especially for the first time, are not fully aware of what is needed, and below is a guide on traveling to Germany.

What is needed to travel




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