Five Things to do on a Boat Charter to Martha’s Vineyard.

Prepare to set sail for the lovely Martha’s Vineyard, a classic New England yachting resort that combines quaint beauty with nautical sophistication. Located south of Cape Cod, this Massachusetts island is well-known among yachters for its gorgeous harbour towns, golden sandy beaches, and iconic lighthouses nestled among wide farmlands. Martha’s Vineyard, a hotbed of artistic […]

10 Best Experiences in Bangkok

Bangkok doesn’t fail to live up to one’s expectations as far as one thinks about the capital of Thailand. Its allure is magnetic and draws tourists from all corners of the world. This automatically makes Bangkok packages highly sought after on travel sites on the web. From temples and ancient sites to modern districts and […]

Cancun Tours Jungle Tour by Marina Aquatours

This Mexican paradise on the Yucatan Peninsula is perfect if you want to combine colourful nature with a fascinating culture. Also worth appreciating is the world-class nightlife, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and colourful coral reefs. Attractions go far beyond beaches and clubs – there are natural karst wells known as cenotes and many interesting […]

How to prepare a flight to see Sweden’s northern lights?

The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, may appear to be a wonderful phenomenon, but they are actually created by solar storms and enormous solar flares from the sun, which send charged particles hurtling towards our planet. The way these particles penetrate our atmosphere produces the dazzling display of colors that we know […]