Vapers And Travel: What You Need To Know

Did you know that you can go to prison if you get caught with an e-cig in certain countries?

As with traditional cigarettes, different establishments, cities, states, and countries have different rules on vaping devices and e-cigarettes. If you’re a vaper, it pays to check the specific vaping laws of each place you’re about to visit, if you don’t want your holiday to end up with you in some cell.

Here’s a quick guide on vaping for travelers.

E-cigarettes and Airplanes

The Transportation Security Administration in the United States reminds travelers that electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are allowed in carry-on bags but not in checked bags. If you’re bringing battery-powered e-cigs, vape pens, vaporizers, atomizers, or any other vaping device, you’ll need to store these in a bag that you’re carrying into the aircraft cabin. Don’t forget to remove any e-cigs and vaping devices from your carry-on bags when you go through security screening.

E-liquids should be treated the same as your shampoos, perfumes, and other liquids. These have to be stored in containers that are 4 ounces or smaller and then placed in a 1-quart ziplock bag. E-liquids can be stored in your checked luggage.

Some people assume that because they’re not smoking tobacco, they can use their e-cigs on airplanes. This is incorrect. Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigs will set off the airplane’s smoke alarm and will get you in serious trouble. Avoid the hefty fines (and possible arrest!) and just wait until you get to your destination before pulling out your vape kit.

Vaping in airports

Some airports allow vaping indoors while some don’t. Before you travel, check the website of each airport you’ll be stepping into. Some countries have bans on e-cigarettes and you could end up having to part with your vape kit as soon as you land.

Vaping on holiday

The number of people who use vaping devices has increased significantly in just the last five years, with millions now opting for an e-cig over a traditional tobacco cigarette. E-cigs are legal and mainstream in many countries, which may lead some vapers to assume that they’re legal everywhere.

Unfortunately, they are not — and more and more popular destinations for travelers have banned their use. Just this year, for instance, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lebanon announced that they have banned vaping. Previously, Thailand, Egypt, Belgium, and Turkey also banned e-cigs. The penalties for using e-cigs in these places range from confiscation of your vape kit to 10 years in prison.

Indonesia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman have completely prohibited vaping. In some Australian states, as well as in Malaysia and South Africa, e-cigs that contain nicotine is banned. In the USA, cities, and states have differing laws on e-cigarettes. For example, you can’t use flavored e-liquids in San Francisco but can do so in neighboring cities. In Hawaii, there’s a ban on public vaping.

We hope these reminders help you prepare for travel with your e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Safe journeys!