What to do Before You Travel to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that is on many people’s bucket list. People all over the world dream of taking a stroll down beautiful, quaint canals and eating pancakes in a typical Dutch pancake house. Have you decided your next trip destination is going to be Amsterdam? Read on for some tips on things to do before you travel to the capital of the Netherlands.

Buy your tickets before visiting a museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to more than 50 museums, and there is bound to be one that takes your fancy. If you like modern art, go to Moco Museum; if you enjoy design, visit Stedelijk Museum; and if you want to learn more about Dutch history, Rijksmuseum is the place to be. And there are many more museums, small and big, to be found. One thing every museum Amsterdam has in common however, is that it can get pretty crowded at the entrance. One way to avoid this, is by buying your tickets online in advance. Wave at everyone waiting in line while you had straight for the door with your pre-purchased tickets!

Look into city cards and promotions

Before you head to Amsterdam, it’s advisable to look into some cards you can use while you are there. For instance, you can purchase an I Amsterdam City Card; this grants access to more than 70 museums and activities, as well as the city’s public transport. Speaking of public transport; this is an important way of transportation in the city. People in Amsterdam rarely use cars, but prefer trams, buses or bikes. Depending on how long you will be staying in the city, you can purchase a public transport ticket that lasts for several days. This way you can hop on and off any tram or bus by simply tapping your card.

Watch out for cyclists

Aside from public transport, Amsterdam is the city of bicycles. Whether you’re going for a bike ride yourself or staying well away from the bikes, it is important to keep this in mind. Many accidents happen between cyclists and tourists, who are not aware of the cycling rules in the Netherlands. Hint: if the road beneath your feet is red, that means you are in the bicycle lane. Keep an ear out for bicycle bells, as this is the way oncoming cyclists will let you know of their approach. If you’d like to go for a bike ride yourself, it’s a good idea to cycle through Vondelpark. This park is only accessible for cyclists and pedestrians and the roads are therefore a little less busy.