When to plan and book your vacation, could Coronavirus be gone by next year?

Radical Travel Services

Relaxation is an essential component of your well-being. And what a better way to relax during summer at the epicentre of COVID19 pandemic? While the ministry of health advocates staying at home, the need to get away is merely irresistible. But you can still get away without the risk of getting infected or spreading the virus. If you are still willing to take a trip during summer, the best place to consider booking your vacation is Radical Travel Services. They use CDCs COVID19 tracker to see the rate of infections in a destination before making recommendations. But if you live in a place where the virus is spreading, you might need to take extra cautions to help reduce the risk of getting sick. It the situation is worse; you might even have to postpone your vacation.

Once you have made up your mind about touristic options you want to take during summer, you might have to list down what you would like to do while there. Remember for your safety; you must maintain social distancing as much as possible and follow all the health guidelines. The easiest way to keep social distancing possible is to choose destinations that offer plenty of outdoor recreational activities like hiking, sand beaches, fishing in a lake or sea and rafting or tubing in a river. Keep in mind there might be an influx in places where they offer outdoor activities as many people might be looking to take vacations in places with plenty of outdoor spaces to stay safe during this pandemic. For a better chance to stay healthy and in line with guidelines given by states, do proper research ahead of time.

Hopefully, by next year the Corona virus pandemic will be long gone, and life will back to normalcy. Nothing will be the same again, considering the economic effects the virus has caused, but life must go on still. We must allow ourselves to get away and feel recharged. Before we get there, here are some essentials you must carry with you if you must take a vacation during this pandemic season:

Take road trips: Instead of having to sit next to a stranger in a plane for many hours, choose destinations where you can access by road. You can confidently travel to your destinations with worries of having to mingle with strangers.

Keep social distancing: As much as possible, maintain a six feet distance between you and others. Where it’s not possible, wear a mask and avoid queuing in lines as much as possible in stores or ATMs.

Often sanitize your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers You can carry your hand sanitizer, and everyone in your party should have one. Disinfect your hands after every activity that require touching surfaces.

If possible, skip the convenience stores as much as possible. Carry along with you everything you need while outdoors in your car. If you need to eat something amid your outdoor adventure, go to a nearby restaurant.