If you are visiting a 5-star hotel for the first time or you are not experienced in how to make your luxury hotel trip successful, you must not worry as there are a few things you have to keep in mind to act according to the environment of the place. There are many 5-star hotel facilities for tourists and businesspersons in the US to enjoy their stay with luxury services. You can visit the online best vacation rentals websites to book your apartment in a luxury hotel to make your stay safe and comfortable and enjoy the royal services provided by the hotel crew.

You can check travelers’ reviews & opinions regarding the best service hotel near your locality or target place. Reviews contain more information regarding the place and its services. Before planning a trip to your favorite place make sure to research the hotels and their services. Here is how you can make your trip memorable to a 5-star hotel.

  • Choose dressing according to the environment

When you are staying in a luxury apartment you must watch out for your outfit choices to keep them per the dress code followed. It does not mean to purchase and organize an expensive wardrobe, but you must dress up yourself according to the place and the traditions of the people living there. It will make you feel comfortable in the place and make you look elegant. If you are on your stay for a business trip, you should include a business outfit and, if you are a tourist you may wear the conventional casual outfits.

  • Follow the discipline of the place

When you are staying in a luxurious place among many people, you must behave courteously with the staff, and you should respect their dealing time. Ask them friendly questions regarding their services and learn their rules. This will motivate the hotel staff to serve you in a better way and extend their special services to you making you feel comfortable. You can ask them if you have any queries regarding their rules and regulations to help them assist you in a better way.

  • Research the dining etiquettes

If you are residing in a 5-star hotel for a longer time and you came across their dining services, then you must educate yourself regarding their dining rules and timing in advance. You can learn the basic etiquettes from the internet, or you can consult the manager or the staff regarding the specific dress code and rules for dining in the main hall. It will save you from the embarrassment of not following the rules and looking like a stranger in a new environment.


You can make your stay at any place memorable by following their rules and regulations and not creating an environment where you and the serving guests are uncomfortable with your behavior. Else you can consult the staff regarding the additional recreational and relaxation activities like swimming and spa treatments to enjoy your 5-star hotel experience in the best possible way and make memories by exploring the places nearby.